Thursday, October 16, 2008

Azadi Stadium Test Drive

High-Quality versions of below photoes in 1600 X 1019 , you should click on each photo.

BMW 630i white
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BMW 630i white

BMW 630i Tehran photo-shoot
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Tehran photo-shoot

bmw Lexani rims
Image tags: bmw 630k photo, bms 630i.

expensive Lexani rims

Convertible Sport BMW 630i
Image tags: bmw 630k rims, bmw 630i eims.

Convertible Sport Car

Image tags: bme 630i Sport, bms 630.

Test drive photos

interior bmw 630i
Image tags: 630i intreior, 630i itnerior.


vs Mercedes Benz CLK 350

Competition - Test Drive. (Date: Summer 2008)

Car 1: 2008 BMW 630i.
Car 2: 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK 350 (AMG Package).

BMW 630i vs Mercedes Benz CLK 350

BMW 630i vs Mercedes Benz CLK 350

Image tags: Mercedew Benz CLK 350, Mercedes Bemz.

mercedes benz clk 350 vs bmw

White Sport Bimmer & AMG Package Black Mercedes

Image tags: Mercedes Benx CLK 350, Mrecedes Benz.

Tehran Azadi Stadium Race track

Tehran (Azadi Stadium Race track)

Image tags: Mercedew Benz, Meecedes, Mervedes.

Two friends testing and racing these new cars. It is amazing that the BMW has Lexani rims, because this is an American company and their wheels are very expensive.